Your Voice: Voters Weight In on Haley's Endorsement of Romney

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With Friday's endorsement by Gov. Nikki Haley of GOP candidate Mitt Romney, we thought we'd ask some local political-watchers their opinions of what the endorsement says about Haley and Romney.

We’ll start off with James Akers, a realtor with the Marchant Company in Greenville. You can follow James on Twitter @jamesakersjr:

I really don't think it means that much. I very seriously doubt anyone will decide to support him based on her endorsement.  If anything, it hurts her.  She ran as anti-establishment but now she is backing the establishment candidate.  I think it surprised a lot of people that she is backing a moderate and if anything I think it will help her numbers a bit, but it won't give Romney any more support than he had and it doesn't take away any support from the others.

Jane Kizer, who closely follows all things political at the local and national level, also weighed in. You can follow Jane on Twitter @JaneKizer:

I had actually heard a while ago that Haley might endorse Mitt Romney but was hoping the rumor had no truth to it. For some reason, I feel endorsements are going to mean less this election cycle. Look at how many supported (former candidate Herman) Cain and how many endorsements did he have?

In SC, there are many in the low country supporting Mitt. You'll notice Nathan Ballentine has as well. But I don't think these endorsements will convince too many to support him.

As far as the establishment, I am not sure Haley would be classified that way. She was tea party supported and fights the establishment. Some of the newer elected conservative house members such as Wendy Nanney and Josh Putnam are behind (former House Speaker Newt Gingrich). So, these endorsements are confusing overall.

And finally, we spoke with Bill Pomeroy. We talked at length recent with Bill. Click :

I believe we all know that (Nikki) Haley has aspirations to move up in the Republican "establishment" Party. This was a wise move on her part. Some of the "tea Party" people will drop her like a hot tea bag, however. The conservative talk radio hosts will have a hey-day with her announcement!!

If Romney carries South Carolina she will have a story to tell.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

JohnMikal December 19, 2011 at 01:10 PM
I'm not sure how much significance I would give to any endorsement given to Romney. It appears that he is buying endorsements. In an article published on OpenSecrets.Org on 12/13/11, Michael Beckel cites some interesting data from the Center for Responsive Politics. He states that Mitt Romney's Leadership PAC has made contributions to 45 of the 51 sitting members of congress that have endorsed him for the 2012 campaign so far. The total contributions made to those that have endorsed him comes to a total of $163,620.00 or an average of $3,636.00 each. He has also made contributions to another 151 members of congress totaling another $524,900.00. I was wondering where all his campaign dollars were going... http://www.opensecrets.org/news/2011/12/how-much-love-will-contributions-buy.html
Shawn Drury December 22, 2011 at 05:04 AM
Great info. Thanks John.


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