Woman Accused of Threatening Congressman To Undergo Mental Evaluation

Gloria Brackett is accused of pointing a pistol at U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy on Sunday evening.

A 52-year-old Georgia woman arrested Sunday night for allegedly pointing a semi-automatic pistol at a United States congressman will have to undergo a mental evaluation before her bond is set, Judge James Ashemore ruled Monday. 

WSPA reports that Ashemore deferred setting bail for Gloria Brackett, a woman from near Atlanta, Ga., until her mental status could be evaluated for the purpose of determining competency. 

for allegedly approaching Rep. Trey Gowdy outside a church in Spartanburg as he was waiting to pick up a family member there. Brackett, who was in town visiting family in nearby Cowpens, reportedly told Gowdy to quit following her, and brandished a pistol at him, prompting him to leave church parking lot and report the incident to Spartanburg police. 

there is no reason to believe that Brackett had any previous connection with Gowdy or that the two knew each other prior to this incident


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