Update: Gingrich Adds Two More to his S.C. Team

On heels of endorsement by S.C. House Majority Leader Kenny Bingham, Gingrich adds another state legislator, and the daughter of S.C political icon Lee Atwater, to his S.C. primary campaign

Update: Coming on the heels of the endorsement by S.C. House Majority Leader Kenny Bingham of Cayce on Monday, the Newt Gingrich campaign has added the daughter of a South Carolina political legend and another state legislator to his state campaign team.

S.C. campaign director Adam Waldeck said Monday night that Sally Atwater has signed on to spearhead the "Students with Newt" effort in South Carolina and serve as a liaison for S.C. Young Republicans to organize students across the state in support of Gingrich's presidential bid.

Atwater currently is vice-chair of the South Carolina College Republicans Federation.

Atwater, a Furman University student, is the daughter of the late, scrappy , a Republican strategist and former Republican National Committee chairman during the administration of former President George H.W. Bush.

"In particular, Sally will place her emphasis on ensuring that the college students and young adults have a strong financial future by advocating Newt’s plan for optional savings accounts as an alternative to government mandated Social Security as laid out in Newt’s 21st Century Contract with America," according to Waldeck's announcement.  

Said Atwater: "Newt is a leader who has my generation’s best interests in mind. I’m excited to be a part of the team and help out with this innovative student initiative."

In addition to Atwater and Bingham, the campaign also announced Monday night that state Rep. Peter McCoy of Charleston (Dist. 115) has agreed to serve as the chairman of the Gingrich campaign in the Lowcountry. 

"Words can't describe how excited I am to watch a Newt/Obama debate," McCoy said. "As a former prosecutor, I know that Newt will cross-examine Obama until Obama admits guilt for failing the American people for the past three years, especially since the president will not have a teleprompter to help him."


Original post: State Rep. Kenny Bingham of Cayce said Monday he has endorsed Newt Gingrich, as the Georgia Republican seeks to win the state's all-important primary later this month

The District 89 House member said in a release he will campaign throughout the state on behalf of the former Speaker, who currently leads in state polls.  

Bingham said that he “was glad to join the team and believes that Newt’s dedicated leadership can help rebuild this country. It will take bold leadership, new ideas and the ability to work within the system while simultaneously and drastically transforming it. I believe that Newt Gingrich is the right person for this critical time in our nation.”  

Speaker Gingrich said in the same release that he was "humbled and honored by Bingham’s support. He is a voice for cutting taxes and responsible spending, and understands that we are in a perilous juncture in the history of our country. Now is the time for bold reform of the tax code, regulation and our energy policies to create jobs and economic growth, not timid changes that will do little to create jobs and buy into President Obama’s rhetoric of class warfare.” 

Bingham is a member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee which is responsible for drafting the state spending plan. Bingham is also one of the leaders who helped land Boeing, an important economic engine in the Lowcountry.  

In his statement, Bingham reiterated the need for jobs and fiscal restraint.

“Instead of spending money for growing government, the time has come to take a unified, cooperative approach to economic development," Bingham said. "We’ve got to get South Carolina back to work and I believe that Speaker Gingrich’s policies for economic growth can do just that."


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