Does Pulling A Graphic Novel Constitute Censorship?

The Greenville County Public Library System is facing some accusations of censorship after it pulled the graphic novel Neonomicon from its shelves.

The executive director of the Greenville Library Public Library System is responsible for the decision to pull a graphic novel off the shelf despite despite a the system's committee voting to keep it there, WSPA reports. 

Now, there are some cries of censorship being heard for Beverly James' decision to pull Neonomicon off the shelves in Greenville County. 

The book, which contains adult content and themes, was challenged by a 14-year-old's mother when the teen girl checked out the book with an adult library card and brought some of the content to her mother's attention. 

Though an internal committee voted to keep the item, James decided unilaterally to pull the book, drawing the ire of anti-censorship group National Coalition Against Censorship. 

"Even if she's (the executive director is) offended by it, there are a lot of things people are offended by," said Pat Scales of the NCAC. "You just don't read it. You just don't choose it.”


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